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Jennifer Wray

‘The Far North is a beautiful part of New Zealand and what better way to see it than from Jane’s amazingly well trained and responsive horses, led by exceptional guides Cory and Tanya.
From the beautiful beaches of the east coast to the stunning forests and wild horses on the west, this is definitely an adventure that reinvigorates the soul. Long canters, logs to jump, wandering along on the buckle of the reins, great conversations and plenty of laughs. You can’t really ask for more. My two standout experiences were seeing two wild stallions rearing up defending their mares about 50 metres from us, and the last ride: low sun over the beach at Henderson Bay, seeing rainbows while we swam (which was frickin’ awesome!), then heading up to the other end of the beach where the dolphins joined us and surfed the waves chasing fish. What a way to finish the ride! I feel lucky to have such an experience in my own country, and recommend that anyone from NZ or afar experience what Jane and the team have to offer.’

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