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Kali Gillen

‘This ride changed absolutely everything for me. The horses, the Welsh countryside and the pace – it all came together and has left me with lifelong memories. I was a little nervous initially, finding myself holding my breath before the first few gallops, but by the end, the whole group was waiting in eager anticipation of the next good run! Emily and Paul’s hospitality was immaculate and Rosie and Kirsty, the guides, were absolutely incredible. From the vast fields with wild ponies to the beach gallops at the end of the ride, the Trans Wales Trail has everything. I rode Firefly and Ruby, and both horses helped me feel confident with their surefootedness and knowledge of the trails. The whole herd is fit and very well looked after. One of the group members was doing the ride for the fourth time, and I can see why. I’ll absolutely be back!’

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