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Kate Stanbury

‘An adventure of a lifetime! Riding on horseback has to be the best way to experience this incredible landscape. The commanding rocky ranges with sheer cliffs and steep climbs give way to sandy plains of boab and kapok trees, with hidden hot springs and cool waterholes perfect for swimming. Every day was picture-perfect. The horses are highly trained, responsive and willing, each with their own personality. My horse Tom was an absolute star and made me feel very confident. As for the camping, it was luxury in the bush. Imagine falling asleep under a bright Milky Way and a full moon, tucked up in your swag, off the ground, toasty warm. Every night was stunning, and I never realised just how versatile a trailer camp kitchen could be! I definitely didn’t go hungry. All of our guides were highly competent, incredibly knowledgeable, always helpful, quick with a laugh, and up for a chat. This was hands down one of the greatest experiences I’ve had, and I cannot wait to go back and see more of what this incredible landscape has to offer.’

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