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Kelsey Ivey

‘The Twin Coast Ride in New Zealand changed everything for me. It was my first horse riding holiday, booked on a whim to be more adventurous, and it awakened a desire in me to see more of the world on horseback. The experience was absolutely perfect. The scenery might as well have been pulled straight from a storybook, with green rolling hills and sunny blue water beaches. My horse, Izzy, was sure-footed and kind and I had full confidence in her to carry me to new parts of the world every day. I even learned how to swim on a horse for the first time! Most of all, I feel like I got a masterclass in horsemanship, thanks to Jane, our guide Gabbie, and the other riders who became friends. Our days were full of magical scenery, wild horses, and blissful long canters, while our nights were full of amazing food and belly laughs with friends around the table. I had the BEST time, and honestly did not want to leave. This trip is perfect for anyone like me who might be travelling solo, adventuring off on their first riding holiday, or who wants a refreshing, fun, gorgeous vacation.’

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