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Leslie Jacob

‘I doubt I will ever get over spending 7 days in Botswana. To ride in a place where the world is as it was originally intended, and the master plan is lived largely without human interference, was the experience of my lifetime. What a privilege, and what a gift from Globetrotting. I will never be the same. The difference between going on a riding vacation in Africa and experiencing a Globetrotting vacation is the passion and vision of Kate and Laura. You see their hand in so many areas, from the warmth of the ride partners to the expertise of the guides, to the perfection of the accommodations. And the horses….all well trained, healthy, fit and happy to do their jobs. Well maintained and comfy tack. So… go to Botswana – be blown away seeing animals in the wild you never expected to see outside of a zoo, but be transformed by its perfection and be filled with gratitude for the opportunity.’

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