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Lisa & Rob Harris

‘There is just no feeling like the mountains and high country in Victoria, but experiencing it on the back of Billy Button through my Globetrotting holiday with Christian and Laura Hayes put it completely over the top! I saw things so few people get to see, got to truly feel them and learned details that made it so meaningful. The ride through the high plains was just magical! The variety of plants, the wide open space, the greenery! I loved the bush riding too, with the ghostly gums and the winding tracks. My horse Billy was lovely, with terrific gaits and a sweet personality. The crew was a picture of friendly professionalism, with every day handled with aplomb, even the day when it hailed! Suffice it to say that this was an amazing, terrific, superlative experience with great horses, crew, fellow riders, food, and location. This is a ride I would do again!’

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