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Lyndal Mellefont

‘Friends, travellers, horse riders, lend me your ears. {especially if they are the famous curvy and swivelly ears of the Marwari horse} If you think the best way to see the world is between the ears of a horse, then this ride is for you. Those ears are unique and hypnotic. They will have you viewing the world of India, where cows are sacred but horses are considered divine, in the most extraordinary way. From riding through villages where delighted people run out to see you and greet you with a warm ‘namaste’ to traipsing over sand dunes and riding through the fields, you see India in a way that few get to do. This trip is hectic and full on, but it’s equally spiritual and grounding. It is stimulating. It is unique. It’s also a brilliant example of a Globetrotting ride that introduces you to a horse breed you would never get to experience in your day-to-day horsey life.’

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