Maria Serra

‘The Craig’s Hut ride is amazing for so many reasons. It is truly an Aussie experience, from sleeping in swags under the stars to listening to Swampy sing songs around the campfire. The scenery was absolutely amazing – like nothing you could ever experience unless on horseback, and all the different secret trails we were taken down added to the amazing experience. The staff were friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming and the horses were extremely well trained and fun to ride. I rode Ronnie, a well-behaved, friendly and responsive horse who was very comfortable and also very photogenic, which is always a plus. All of the meals were absolutely fantastic and the variety was very impressive considering we were up a mountain in the middle of the bush! My favourite day was probably the day we climbed Mt Stirling. The view from the summit and the wind whipping around you was truly an amazing feeling. The trip flew by so quickly between the breathtaking views, absolutely amazing food and wonderful company, and I cannot wait to ride with Christian, Laura and their team again.’

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