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Mike Barker

‘Neither words nor photos really give you the true sense of joy, freedom, warmth, contentment and excitement that this whole experience gave me. That bond and connection you get with your horse, and then with the earth while riding over it, is so good for the soul. I wish one could bottle it! The scenery is beautiful and the horses are so sturdy and fun to ride. It feels as if you are going back in time to when the horse was the main form of transport, but with the comforts of modern life! Galloping along the beach with the theme tune from ‘Chariots of Fire’ ringing in my ears was a highlight. But the pinnacle of the week was the Common Riding. Starting in the town of Kelso with 130 other horses and riders all dressed up in fine regalia, riding out behind a pipes and drums band to a big community reception, then galloping through fields and across country lanes all day. Where else in the world, literally, can you do that? What a heartwarming experience! So much so that I have booked to go back next year.’

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