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Michelle Klocek

‘River Valley is definitely the best riding adventure I’ve had. Nicola and Janey gave us the experience of a lifetime, never to be forgotten. I rode the handsome and snuggly Calibre, who was a great ride and taught me a lot. Nicola and Janey are fantastic guides, and their knowledge of the land we travelled over is unsurpassed. They are warm, friendly, funny, caring and so very helpful. The accommodation was so luxurious, with super comfy beds, lovely linen and a fantastic outlook. Miranda did an outstanding job feeding us, with different fabulous meals every night and sumptuous desserts. Definitely no complaints! Our visit to Moawhango marae was warm and welcoming and the tour around the settlement was really interesting. All the lands we traversed were so stunning and spiritual. There were two outstanding highlights: swimming with our horses and rafting – both in the stunning Rangitikei River, and both first time experiences. We were made to feel like part of the big River Valley family. I’ll definitely be going back again.’

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