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Peter Scott

‘The Tassie Tiger Trail was a great experience for my daughter Tara and I, and an opportunity to bond over horses and nature. The accommodation was unique and very comfortable. The small group size enabled us all to get to know one another throughout the trip. Our horses Frank and Colty were well selected to suit our level of experience and they performed perfectly and safely. I was very impressed with the entire team of horses. Tara was able to improve her skill and courage under Jeremy’s mentoring and I enjoyed swapping yarns with him as well. Jen is a polished host with a very approachable personality.
Every day was enjoyable and interesting, with lovely trails to explore. The day in the mountains was breathtaking, but for me the beach ride was the standout. It was a first for both me and Tara – magical and fun with plenty of laughs. I would highly recommend this ride to anyone who enjoys nature and good company.’

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