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PJ Janas

‘This is a vacation not to be missed! The horses and people with stay with you forever. Susy, Gemma and Helen were the best guides we could have asked for. I rode 5 different horses over the week (which was awesome) and all of them far exceeded my expectations. They were really exceptional: willing, surefooted and sweet, with great personalities. I rode Quinston on both Common Riding days and he took such good care of me, but also made it exciting and fun. I have never stayed at a better hotel in my life, and I have stayed at many all over the world. All the little unexpected extras made us feel so welcome, the meals were exceptional, and the staff were so friendly and fun!
The experience is impossible to explain without living it, but if you are a horse rider and want to meet and see this country, there is no better way than on this ride!’

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