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Rachael Coffey

‘From the moment I arrived and was warmly welcomed by Fiona, the experience was wonderful. The company, the accommodation, the food and of course the rides were incredible! All of the guides were engaging, informative and accommodating; they made me feel very safe. My mare Cas was a beautiful soul and perfectly matched to me. All the horses were clearly well cared for and loved. We enjoyed trail rides to the berry farm and through the forest, played polocrosse and went on a beach ride. We also got to enjoy a chocolate tempering demonstration and a yoga class!
The beach ride was a dream come true for me. I’ve never ridden on the beach before, let alone swum a horse, and it was just perfect. I will never forget the experience. I couldn’t recommend this ride enough. Thanks again, Fiona and Paul – I’d go back in a heartbeat!’

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