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Ryan Bernhardt

‘The team at Margaret River are amazing. Their passion and knowledge are unmatched. Paul is a guru of all things equine. If I could spend longer just learning from his wisdom and experience, I would. Fiona was super friendly and welcoming. She made sure every rider was comfortable and set up with whatever we needed for the day. Vicki’s cooking was phenomenal. Seriously, she needs a Masterchef medal or something.
The horses are next level. I rode Richie, the big bulking black beauty. He was the perfect blend of strength, rugged good looks and character. He was happy to walk/trot/canter when asked, and happy to plod along when I needed a break. Boranup Forest was gorgeous, and probably my favourite trail. Polocrosse was an amazing activity, and definitely a new one for me.
This is a ride that you will never forget.’

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