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Sam Rees

‘What a way to kick a holiday off – riding through row upon row of vines as the sun sets, then sipping on bubbles once you slide off the horse. It certainly set an impressive and enjoyable tone for the four days ahead. We woke up each day to a cooked breakfast before being taken to different locations to ride out, stopping at wineries for lunch, wine tastings and tours, then jumping back on the horses for another few hours of riding. At night, there were delicious dinners cooked at the homestead, there was an amazing night out with a degustation dinner, and always, there was wine and a fire. The rides were over hill, over dale, and through all sorts of different forests. Every day had something different to offer. And, wow, do those endurance horses know how to cover ground! We were very lucky to have been able to slip in such a great holiday in 2021, and are looking forward to lots more chances to go globetrotting when the world opens up again.’

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