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Sarah Cope

‘Best hosts. Fantastic horses. Perfect itinerary. Superb scenery. Fantastic food. Excellent accommodation. I loved every day!
I have never met guides the calibre of Jen and Jeremy. They were always happy, relaxed and genuine. I felt very welcome and at ease. I had great respect for their knowledge of horses and the environment we rode through. They were great conversationalists, with many amusing stories to tell. Jeremy was brilliant at matching horses to riders. Ruby was perfect: very well trained, obedient, willing to please, fit, healthy and strong. She enjoyed a trot and canter, was responsive to light aids, and was armchair-smooth to ride. She powered up the mountain and picked her way very carefully through rocky areas.
I have never tasted such consistently high-standard food in terms of flavour, presentation, service and surroundings. Every meal was superb! Best holiday ever.’

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