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Sharon Rosh

‘The Touch of the Highlands Ride was an exceptional experience. The cabins were lovely – clean, warm and cozy, set in a beautiful, bucolic location with amazing views. The food was outstanding, with every meal delicious and beautifully presented. The chef and his wife were warm and friendly, and their attention to detail and kindness were highlights of the trip. The standard of tack used on the ride was excellent, and the quality of the horses was superb. I loved every horse I rode, with Blakkur being a particular favorite for his incredible tölt. The guides and support staff were absolutely amazing. They were true horse people whose love and respect for the horses was evident. They kept us safe and entertained throughout, whether we were riding in the rain or singing Icelandic folk songs at dinner. Their kindness, hospitality and smiles made lasting memories. This was a soul-filling experience that has truly enriched my life’.

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