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Shelly Barnet

‘We had a fantastic time on the seven day Maasai Mara ride, with great horses, wonderful hosts, amazing wildlife, beautiful scenery and loads of fun. Hugh rode Mars and I rode Posie, and we were both happy with our horses. Megan did an excellent job of matching horses to riders and all the horses were in great condition, well looked after and fed really well.
Both Simon and Megan were exceptional, friendly, easy to chat with and good fun. They also knew about the animals, birds and landscapes. The food was fantastic and the tented accommodation was very comfy.
The wildlife was amazing. We saw a beautiful pride of lions 10 minutes after arriving on the plane. The elephants, giraffe and all the other game were also fantastic. We even saw a leopard and an aardvark, which is quite unusual. Each day brought new sights, animals and landscapes. Although we only rode for a few hours a day, it was enough. We enjoyed being able to go out in the vehicle when we weren’t riding and at night, were very fortunate to witness the lionesses hunting at close range. The afternoon siesta was a treat, too.’

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