Susan Roswold - Horse Riding Holidays and Safaris

Susan Roswold

‘Every day was awesome, but the swimming was a highlight and all the cantering was really fun. The scenery was so incredible! The horse I rode was Peso. She was always well behaved and ready to go at any speed I wanted. She was a good match for me and made the ride stress free.
Our guides were above excellent! They were always watching over us and the horses, always informing us as to what was going on, very knowledgeable about the area and horses, and great riders. They were very accommodating with the food, always having a gluten free choice for me, which I greatly appreciated. The “feast” on the last night of the ride was so beautiful and incredible. And the accommodations were always good, especially that last night at Paradise. I feel like they always did a little extra for us in every situation.’

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