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Tanya Greenwood

‘Every day on this ride was phenomenal – you really settled into the rhythm of your horse while breathing in the fresh air and viewing the stunning countryside.
Nicola and Janey are the real deal: a wonderful mother-daughter duo who bring their passion for horses and the land together in an incredible eight day trek. They are knowledgeable, easy-going and always up for a good laugh. The standard of professionalism and attention to detail was top notch, especially when pairing you up with your horse. I rode Dakota and he was a true gentleman with plenty of go. He never seemed to tire and was happy at the front, side or back of all his companions. He didn’t put a foot wrong and I loved cantering up long rolling hills on him and meandering slowly down steep terrain. He really bonded with me and took on all sorts of trail obstacles without hesitation. Swimming the horses was incredible – so liberating! A big shout out also goes out to Miranda, the incredible chef, who outdid herself with every meal! I loved all the farm-to-fork food.
I cannot recommend this ride highly enough — it was truly the trip of a lifetime in every way.’

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