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Jenny Bright

‘We thoroughly enjoyed our spur of the moment adventure and I’m still dreaming of this magical place. If you think that Sumba is just another Bali, it’s not. It’s so much more and so much better. There are so few resorts that it’s mostly just yourselves and kilometres of empty beach – exactly how we like it.
Nihi Sumba totally deserves its hard won Best Resort in the World award. I have stayed at some incredible places and Nihiwatu is up there as one of the best.
On day two we rode through the rainforest and rice paddies to Rice Island, a fantastic rocky outcrop in the middle of acres of rice fields where breakfast was served in a treehouse overlooking the paddies. We drank fresh coconut water and met some of the other hotel guests travelling to see the Pasola festival, an ancient blood ritual timed at the rising of the full moon and the arrival of sea worms to the shores of the island. The festival was incredible. You simply have to be there to understand. There were thousands of spectators and hundreds of participants. You know when you see National Geographic photographers camped out on the sidelines that you’re witnessing something special!
The next day we rode to the local village and tried betel nut, bought some local trinkets and took photos of all the gorgeous children. It’s such a simple way of life but it can be very difficult, and I was so happy to hear that Nihi Sumba give much back to the community through outreach programs, medical assistance and employment opportunities.
If you ever have the opportunity to join the Sumba ride, don’t think, just do it.’

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