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Yvonne Suares

‘Some 30 years ago, a Quarter Horse I rode
In the mighty Rocky Mountains of Colorado.
A dream was formed that one day,
I would ride again along some other scenic way.
2020 was the lucky year, when the stars had aligned
And I could go riding one more time.
Montana was my destination, but the pandemic came
And my holiday left… until who knows when?
Then close to home, me and some friends
Found Margaret River, and set off for a long weekend.
There was laughter and focus, marvels and wonder
With ample natural beauty out yonder.

Thank you Fiona, Paul and the crew, and thank you to my fellow riders… you all gave me a time to remember. A special thank you Delila, Patterson and Sky, the gorgeous horses without whom my dream would not have come true. You made my holiday an experience to remember and I look forward to seeing you again.’

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