the best horse movies of all time

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With the Boxing Day release of War Horse into Australian cinemas, I thought it was appropriate to compile a list of the best horse movies of all time and get your views on the topic. I’ve yet to watch War Horse, I saw the preview and instantly burst into tears when Albert the teenage boy is told that the horse Joey is being sent to war. I have a track record of crying hysterically when watching equine movies.

Here is a list of some of the best horse movies of all time – in no particular order.

1. The Black Stallion

2. The Man from Snowy River

3. National Velvet 

4. Sea Biscuit

5. Black Beauty

6. Secretariat – The Impossible True Story 

7. The Horse Whisperer

8. All the Pretty Horses

9. Hidalgo

10. Dreamer

11. Running Free 

Be warned: crying, snivelling, bawling & howling is guaranteed in all of these horse movies.

Are there any horse movies I’ve missed?

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