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The one saddle pad to rule all saddle pads

Life as a Globetrotter

So we’ve been on the lookout for some good quality saddlecloths for a while now, ones that we’ll get many a globetrotting mile out of, and I’m pleased to say, I think we’ve found them. We’ve just received our package of fitted slimline pure wool saddle pads from Angus Barrett Saddlery and dare I say it, I’m thrilled to bits!

First things first, they’re made in Australia with 100% pure wool and designed specifically to suit the Australian environment – winning! Angus first designed these saddle pads 12 years ago and they’ve been in high demand ever since due to their proven quality and excellent fit. Seriously, we wanted something that didn’t slip or bunch up the sides, didn’t rub, was durable but breathable and most of all, comfortable for horse and rider! And our Angus Barrett saddle pads tick all these boxes.

I guess the fact that they’re made from pure wool is an added bonus. Ok, here’s the sheep farmer’s daughter coming out in me…If you think about it, wool is a natural fibre so it’s perfectly suited for use directly on a horse. It doesn’t cause any friction so there is no rubbing. AND it’s hard wearing, withstands dirt and dust and easy to clean. Tick, tick, tick!

I must say I was intrigued as to why there were cut-outs down the centre of the pad, so I went and got the answer straight from the horse’s mouth – Angus! He said that the cut-outs sit along the wither and spine of the horse to provide greater airflow and a better fit. Makes perfect sense to me! The canvas wither patch and trims on the sides are going to be great protection against wear and tear. And the best part? You can simply soak these saddle pads in cold water and then hose them off to wash them.

Angus has pretty much thought of everything when it comes to the horse and rider’s comfort because these saddle pads come in three different thicknesses depending upon their use: 13mm for competition and close contact with your horse, 16mm for everyday use and 19mm for long, hot days in the saddle or if your horse is sore. AND you can have them embroidered! That’s right, we’ve got some gorgeous looking saddle pads with our Globetrotting logo embroidered on the side making them extra special and personal.

Here at Globetrotting HQ we’ve long been a support of Angus Barrett Saddlery but I think he’s outdone himself here, these saddle pads are some of the best we’ve seen. You can view the entire saddle pad range here.

So next time you see us, we’ll be wearing our stylish new Angus Barrett saddle pads and our horses will most definitely be thanking us for it!

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