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I’ve had so many comments on my boots of late, I thought that you my dear globetrotters would like to hear about them. A couple of years ago I saw a client wearing these boots in Kenya but it wasn’t until Equitana last November that I found a pair to buy. They are made by Ariat and the style is Grasmere.

What I love about these boots is they can be a paddock boot, polo boot, fashion boot – three purposes in the one boot. The boots are lined which is fantastic for winter but can get a bit tropical in summer up here in Queensland, Australia. They are waterproof with Goretex fabric and as you’ll see they have drawstrings to tighten the boot according to your calf size. I love the soft suede which softens with use and gives you lovely contact with the horse. As you can see in the above pic they’re well loved and need a good polish. Whoops – note to self.

These boots were put to the test in South America for six weeks and came up trumps. They didn’t need wearing in, were great for cold weather. Granted they are bulky to travel with and our luggage was bursting with excess weight, so I had to wear them for our short flights which was fine.

You’ll be pleased to hear the boots are a cinch to get on and off which is a important criteria for me when looking at the ideal boot. No way am I going to spend twenty minutes hopping around the place trying to squeeze into a boot.

So there you have it fellow globetrotters the perfect boot for all ocassions.

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