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Best Horse Riding Minibreaks

The Shoalhaven Ride, Australia , Castle & Estate Ride, Ireland , The Rainbow Beach, Bush & Cattle Ride, Australia , Dressage in Spain , Cradle To Coast Ride, Australia , Sierras Chicas, Argentina , The Margaret River Ride, Australia , Whistler Wilderness Ride, BC Canada ... , The Shoalhaven Ride, Australia , Castle & Estate Ride, Ireland , The Rainbow Beach, Bush & Cattle Ride, Australia , Dressage in Spain , Cradle To Coast Ride, Australia , Sierras Chicas, Argentina , The Margaret River Ride, Australia , Whistler Wilderness Ride, BC Canada

Best horse riding minibreaks - Globetrotting horse riding holidaysHere at Globetrotting, we believe that to get the most out of a horse riding holiday, you NEED to devote at least three days to the experience. Think about it: between getting to the ride base, settling in, and packing up on the last day, any less than three days would seriously cut into your precious riding time. And you’d just be getting into that blissful holiday mindset by the time you had to depart!

That being said, we know that time is at a premium in this modern world, and ANY opportunity to escape on the back of a horse needs to be grabbed with both hands. So here are some rides that you can squeeze into the smallest of breaks when you just really need to saddle up and go.

The Shoalhaven Ride, Australia
Picture this: you wake up in luxurious accommodation, switch your phone to flight mode and hit the saddle for a full day of riding, wining and dining in a premiere Aussie wine region. That’s The Shoalhaven Ride in a nutshell! A three day, two night ride (with five day, four night departures also on offer!), it’s just a hop, skip and a jump from Sydney, yet worlds away from everyday life. This holiday is truly top-shelf, combining rides through magnificent, quintessential Australian scenery with incredible off-the-horse experiences (think wine tastings, classy dining experiences, stargazing and a four-wheel-drive mountain climb!). Tiffany’s horses are purebred Arabians ridden bitless and barefoot, and you’ll develop a strong bond with your steed as you ride across untamed bushland, stately vineyards, picturesque farmland and a drop-dead gorgeous beach. There are only four guests per departure, making it ideal for small group or family bookings.
Check out the ride video here.

Castle & Estate Ride, Ireland
This luxurious getaway set in a drool-worthy Irish estate is available year-round on request, with custom itineraries available to suit every rider’s ability, interests and timeframe. With over 300 jumps to ping over as you fly across 1,000 acres of manicured lawns, forests and fields, it’s a cross country lover’s dream. And the indoor arenas, world class instructors and huge variety of horses mean it’s a heavenly place to ride whether you’re a cross country veteran or a novice rider. Off the horse, you’ll be treated like royalty, with a HUGE variety of non-riding activities on offer (this trip is also perfect for non-riding partners). You’ll be staying at the castle’s Lodge, where the staff wait on your beck and call and the lavish Irish breakfasts and gourmet dinners will have you loosening your belt before you can say Guinness. Three-night stays are available, and if you have a little more time to spare, you can book for up to seven nights.
Check out the ride video here.

Rainbow Beach, Bush & Cattle Ride, Australia
Ever wanted to get a taste of life as a stockman? Then you MUST carve out time for the three-day, three-night edition of the Rainbow Beach, Bush & Cattle Ride! Your host, Andrew McCarthy, cut his teeth running a remote cattle station with around 17,000 head of livestock and now manages his stunningly scenic station in Goomboorian, Queensland. Andrew is lucky enough to have his own private mountain boasting 360-degree views all the way to the sea, and guess what? You’ll be camping at the summit! And when we say camping, we mean you’ll have a tent large enough to swing a cat in, fitted out with stretcher beds, soft linen, towels and a bedside table. Plus, there are hot camp showers! As for the riding, astride your responsive, agile Quarter Horse you’ll savour varied trail rides, learn the basics of cattle work or liberty riding, play mounted games, AND head to Rainbow Beach for an unforgettable ride in the salty waves.
Check out the ride video here.

Dressage in Spain
Dressage, Andalusian horses and the epicentre of Spanish horse culture: what more could you ask for? A customisable schedule, perhaps? Three itineraries to choose from? A magnificent performance by the stallions of The Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art? No worries, this ride has all that and more! From your hotel in Carmona, one of the traditional white villages of southern Spain, you’ll head to the equestrian centre each day to mount a highly-attuned Spanish horse for either a dressage lesson, High School training or a trail ride through the picturesque countryside. There’s plenty of time to immerse yourself in your surroundings, too, with countless cultural experiences woven into the itinerary and the history-steeped, vibrant streets of Carmona just begging for exploration of an evening. The equestrian centre is open year-round and the Train and Trail Ride can be anywhere from three to seven nights long.
Check out the ride video here.

Cradle to Coast Ride, Australia
Both the three-day, two-night and the four-day, three-night itineraries of this Tasmanian holiday are ideal for globetrotters who crave time in the wilderness minus the camping. Every day brings new adventures and dramatic changes of scenery as you ride across the hills, forests, rivers, farmland and coastline of the Apple Isle. You’ll be accommodated at Bakers Beach Homestead in the heart of Narawntapu National Park, known as ‘the Serengeti of Tasmania’ thanks to its abundant wildlife. At the homestead, the accommodation is twin share and there is one toilet and bathroom – but the view makes up for the occasional loo queue! Dinners will be enjoyed in the cosy living room while hundreds of kangaroos and wallabies graze right outside. Every meal on this trip is an experience in itself, actually, proudly showcasing the best of Tassie’s exceptional produce. All abilities are welcome and the ride is available year-round (if you can nab a saddle seat!).
Check out the ride video here.

Sierras Chicas, Argentina
This estancia-based ride is set in Argentina’s majestic Sierras Chicas mountain range, where you’ll witness Argentinian life at its horse-loving, cattle-working, food-obsessed best. Your hosts will do their utmost to make you feel at home on their estancia, and with 6,500 acres to explore – not to mention the neighbouring villages and mountains – you’ll be spoilt for choice every day. The horses range from Criollos to polo ponies to Peruvian Pasos, which have a natural four-beat lateral gait. Swinging your leg over a traditional sheepskin saddle (SO comfy), you’ll watch from between two ears as your gaucho guide reveals the landscapes and traditions of the Sierras Chicas. As well as infinite trail riding possibilities, there’s the chance to try your hand at cattle work, polo and the gaucho game ‘sortja’ – and plenty of off-the-horse activities, too. The estancia is open to guests almost all year, and itineraries start at three nights long.
Check out the ride video here.

The Margaret River Ride, Australia
Without a doubt, this is one of our best-loved Aussie holidays. We were absolutely stoked when Paul and Fiona, the husband and wife team behind this ride, announced that they were introducing three day, three night itineraries to complement their well-established five day rides. It opened up this phenomenal experience to a whole new group of globetrotters and the feedback so far has been outstanding. Expect to immerse yourself in tranquil bushland teeming with wildlife, ride through private properties to a berry farm for a sumptuous afternoon tea, have a crack at playing polocrosse AND ride bareback in the turquoise ocean! Of an evening, you’ll sit back with a glass of Margaret River wine in hand and enjoy the fine company of your hosts and fellow globetrotters. The catering is superb and your ‘glamping’ bell tents are as cosy as can be. Riders of all levels will find their perfect match among the herd of home-bred Australian Stock Horses.

Check out the ride video here.

Whistler Wilderness Ride, Canada
Set in the majestic mountains of British Columbia, Canada, this holiday is a stone’s throw from Whistler and a very scenic two-and-a-half hour drive from Vancouver (allow three hours so you can pull over for photos!). At four days and three nights long, you’ll feel like you’ve had a real vacation thanks to the sweet, sweet peace and quiet of the extraordinary region you get to explore. Most of the horses were bred by the Lil’wat First Nations whose land the ride traverses, so they know the terrain like the backs of their hooves. Each day’s ride covers new trails that twist and turn around lakes, across rocky peaks and through endless forests. Trust us, the views are to die for! As for the riverside base camp, it’s more than comfortable, with spacious platform tents, a hot shower, toilet, fire pit and covered kitchen / dining area. Intermediate riders and above are welcome and the ride season is July and August – the warmest time of year in BC.
Check out the ride video here.

Where would you like to take a minibreak, globetrotters? Let us know in the comments, or contact us to get the ball rolling!

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