Don’t Leave Home Without… a Cash Card

If you’re travelling out of your home country for a holiday, it’s always a good idea to take a travel money card for your everyday transactions and cash withdrawals.

The main benefit of travel money cards (also called cash cards, cash passports or currency cards) is that they are not directly connected to your bank account. This means that should your card be stolen or hacked into, your precious savings will be completely untouchable.

Instead of being connected to your bank account, travel cards are pre-paid. You load money onto them and top them up whenever necessary from your bank account, and in some cases from other sources, too. Having a travel card also means you don’t have to carry around huge wads of cash, or multiple currencies. A good travel card can store and convert multiple currencies.

Many major banks, as well as various airlines and, of course, Australia Post, offer travel cards. While it’s very important to do your own research and find a card that suits your needs as a traveller, we’ve listed some of the best options below to help make the decision simpler.

STA Travel CashFlex Card

  • Rather than loading different currencies, your AUD is converted to the local currency when you withdraw funds or make a transaction
  • No conversion, purchase or transaction fees
  • Can be used everywhere Visa is accepted
  • Top up in-store using cash or a debit card, online, or via BPAY

Travelex Money Card

  • 10 currencies available – load as many as you like
  • No overseas ATM fees
  • The Travelex money app lets you manage your card any time, anywhere
  • Can be used everywhere MasterCard is accepted

Australia Post Load & Go Travel Card

  • 5 currencies supported: AUD, USD, EUR, NZD and GBP
  • Manage your card any time, anywhere with the Load & Go app
  • No purchase or top-up fees
  • Can be used everywhere Visa is accepted

NAB Traveller Card

  • Load up to 10 available currencies
  • Can be used everywhere MasterCard is accepted
  • No purchase, top up or overseas ATM fees
  • The NAB app lets you manage your card whenever and wherever you like

So there are four great travel money cards to consider – but there are plenty more on the market! For more detailed comparisons and evaluations of Australian travel cards, check out the information available on Canstar, Choice and Mozo.

And for those globetrotters who are based outside of Australia, here’s a list to get you started.