Don’t Leave Home Without… a Little Black Vest

A stylish, well-designed black (or any other colour that tickles your fancy) vest is my must-have item when packing for a horse riding holiday no matter the destination. For the cooler climate rides the vest is perfect for layering with thermals underneath and a heavier jacket on top. And on the flip side for the hotter rides (think Namibia, Kenya, Botswana) a vest is something you can throw on for a early morning ride when the temperatures are still cool and you can easily peel it off and tie it to your saddle as the sun starts to bite.

We love a vest so much that we actually designed our very own, available from our GT Apparel online store in both black and navy. We’re super proud of the design elements of our GT vest. You’ll love the high collar, the two-way riding zip, the zip-up side pockets and the inner mobile phone pocket (yep – that one’s got a zip too!). Plus it’s shower proof, warm and has a lowered back hem for style and comfort.

I’m keen to hear your thoughts, globetrotters – do you love the flexibility of a vest when on horseback?

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