Don’t Leave Home Without… a Portable Battery Pack

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Let’s face it, we all use our smartphones to take photographs these days. In fact, a lot of the built-in cameras in the smartphones on the market are better than the majority of the cameras within our price range. So there’s nothing worse than coming across the most magnificent sight on your ride, taking out your smartphone to take a picture so you can remember that moment forever, and your phone goes black because it has run out of battery. So for those of you who are heading off on a globetrotting adventure that involves some magical nights camping under the starry sky, don’t forget to take a portable battery pack with you!

There’s a plethora of battery packs on the market that offer many ways to conveniently carry extra power with you. Here are just a few options for you to choose from.

Anker PowerCore 10,000 – small, quick charging and only $50-$70, this is a great battery pack for your ride. As its name suggests, the gadget has a 10,000 mAh capacity, which allows it to top up the battery of your smartphone at least twice and have power to spare. A standard USB connector makes the power pack compatible with all your gadgets too, so you can use it for all your gizmos and gadgets when you are back home too.

Aukey Solar Charger – this is a great option when you are camping for a number of days, thanks to its solar panel and splash-resistant body. It has a solid 12,000 mAh worth of energy capacity, so it will easily charge your own and a friend’s smartphone at the same time via two USB outputs. Oh and did I mention it also has a built-in torch as a feature? Perfect if you forgot to pack one yourself!

AmazonBasics Portable Power Pack – this battery pack can easily fill up an iPhone 6 or 7 a few times over, or deliver another day or two of usage on most Android smartphones. It also comes with a detachable microUSB cable.

So there you have it globetrotters, a few options for you to choose from when heading off on your next adventure so you won’t be caught with a dead phone again. These would be particularly useful if you are on a camping globetrotting adventure with limited charging capabilities – think Craig’s Hut & High Country, the Kimberley Ride, Twin Lakes Pack Trail, Musters Mountain Pack Trail, Big Horn Cattle Drive and Mongolia!

Let me know if you have another personal favourite so I can add it to the list!