Don’t Leave Home Without… a Seat Saver

Khovsgol & Arhangay Rides, Mongolia

seat saver for horse riding holidays

Before we start there needs to be a disclaimer here – you really only need a seat saver if you are heading off on a horse riding holiday to Mongolia where the army saddles they use can certainly be very hard on the derriere. But for the majority of our rides, you’ll be riding in English saddles, Australian stock saddles, Western saddles or endurance saddles, which are much more comfortable and really don’t need any extra padding. But each to their own!

So as part of our Meet a Globetrotter series, the very last question that I ask my globetrotters is to finish the following sentence: ‘don’t leave home without…’ and would you believe the same answer has been popping up time and time again – a seat saver.

Personally, I’ve never travelled with a seat saver, but my clients who choose to travel with one swear by them! And I can see why. For those who aren’t saddle fit, they need every bit of help they can get when facing up to six hours in the saddle a day. So if a fluffy sheepskin seat saver or a swanky gel seat saver is their bottom’s saving grace, I say go for it – if you’ve got the luggage space.

This Heather Moffett seatbone saver has received the best reviews and is easily adjustable to fit any saddle. Another lovely globetrotter has also recommended seat savers from the Cashel Company (very affordable). Take your pick globetrotters, there’s plenty to choose from!

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