Don't Leave Home Without... Denim Breeches - Horse Riding Holidays and Safaris

Don’t Leave Home Without… Denim Breeches

Don't Leave Home Without Denim Breeches, aka Jodhpur Jeans - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Can’t choose between jodhpurs and jeans? Guess what – you don’t have to!

Jodhpur jeans, or denim breeches as they’re often called, are the lovechild we’ve been waiting for all our lives. They combine the comfort and toughness of jeans with the grip and flexibility of jodhpurs. And they have pockets – hallelujah!

Jodhpur jeans are the perfect pants for a horse riding holiday. They’re comfy as anything, help you ‘stick’ in the saddle, don’t rub at the seams or under chaps, and look pretty darn good while they’re at it. And when you’re headed on a horseback vacation far away from your personal wardrobe, you need to know that your riding apparel ticks all those boxes. Our very own GT team member Rowena has put her pair to the test in the rugged wilderness of Mongolia (pictured above), Morocco and New Zealand.

Another plus is that most denim breeches have ‘sticky bum’ seats or another form of grip on the seat and inner thighs, as well as stretchy fabric at the ankles so they fit snugly while still being easy to pull on and off. This is an absolute godsend when you’re worn out from a day’s riding and want to change into your comfy pants ASAP!

The other fantastic thing about jodhpur jeans is that they really walk the line between Western and English, fancy and casual. So whether you’re a cowgirl (or boy) who’s not quite ready to make the leap to jodhpurs, or a dressage lover who needs something a little more hard-wearing for those long hours on the trail, we urge you to give jodhpur jeans (‘jeanpurs’?) a try.

Here are some of our favourite stockists and styles:

Horze is an international riding store that stocks a HUGE range of denim riding pants. The Victoria comes recommended by our globetrotters, but this design may not be available in every corner of the world, so we’d recommend visiting your country’s Horze website and using the search tool to search for the keyword ‘denim’. That way you’ll see the whole range available to you, wherever you are.
Here are some of Horze’s national sites: Australia New Zealand Europe United Kingdom USA

Kramer Equestrian
Like Horze, Kramer stocks a variety of denim breeches including boot-cut, so this is a great place to look if you ride Western or simply prefer a looser fit around your lower legs. Kramer ships to Europe and the UK, so it’s not as internationally available as Horze. Here’s the main website – if you’re not based in the UK, scroll to the bottom to select your national website. Again, typing ‘denim’ into the search tool will get you plenty of results.

Ariat has a huge range of riding jeans, as well as these jodhpur jeans which can be worn as both riding pants and leggings thanks to their figure-hugging fit and elastic calf-section. For more about riding jeans, check out our article here.

Ride Proud Clothing is an Australian brand designed by and for female equestrians. Worldwide shipping is available and judging by the reviews, it’s well worth the cost. The Horizon riding jeans are a favourite with their full suede seat, but all of their pants are worth serious consideration. Globetrotter Ava Pellizzari said: “Worth every cent. I have never ridden in jodhpurs or jeans that felt so comfortable […]. I’m glad I ordered two pairs.”

Plum Tack
Our globetrotters rave about these Aussie made jodhpur jeans. They’re super stretchy and true to size, so ordering online shouldn’t cause any nasty surprises when they arrive in the mail. Sizes go all the way from 6 AU/2 US to 28 AU/24 US and they ship worldwide. Click here to check them out.

Have you ridden in these amazing pants? Do you have a style or brand that you swear by? Let us know in the comments!

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Image credits: Jen Clingly, Lucy Dyball.

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