Don’t Leave Home Without… Mesh Chaps

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If you are heading out on any of our beach rides (The Bahia Beach Ride, Noosa Bush and Beach Ride, Tassie Tiger Trail, Margaret River Ride, Portugal Ride, Camargue Ride and our Sumba Ride) then have a look at these beauties! These chaps will save your gorgeous leather chaps from the salt water and are a pretty good for their price. We have found two that would be good to canter through the waves: the Dublin Easy Care Mesh half chaps (above) and Mesh 300 Adult and Children half chaps (below).

Now both of these chaps are very stylish, but the kicker is that you can wash these bad boys off or chuck them in a washing machine and they come out brand new! The synthetic material makes it so easy to look after and the mesh panels let your legs breathe, which is so handy if you are going for long treks and don’t want sweaty sticky legs when you finish for the day. Both pairs of chaps are lightweight so when it comes to packing it is a breeze.

So we give these chaps a big thumbs up for riding on our beach rides! You can find these chaps on Jeffers (Dublin chaps) and Decathlon (Mesh 300).