Don’t Leave Home Without… Sealskinz Gloves!

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A pair of gloves is a packing essential, Globetrotters, especially if you’re heading on a cold-climate ride – think the County Clare Ride, Exploratory Castle & Estate Ride, Exploratory Hunting RideIcelandic Wilderness Expedition, The Patagonia Trail, Torres Del PaineMongolia, the Glenorchy Back Country Ride, the Big Horn Cattle Drive, etc.

Sealskinz Ultra Grip Gloves come highly recommended by your fellow globetrotters, and it’s easy to see why. They’re waterproof, windproof, and breathable thanks to the stretch-knit fabric. And as the name suggests, they also have excellent grip. No more reins slipping through your fingers! The merino wool lining adds warmth and comfort, drawing moisture away from your skin, and as a bonus, they’re touchscreen compatible. No need to worry about cleaning them, either – these guys can go straight in the washing machine.

If you’re based in Australia, we recommend buying your Sealskinz gloves from Bogong Equipment, an independent outdoor store that ships directly from their Melbourne outlet.
And for our international globetrotters, you can buy these gloves direct from the Sealskinz website.

Image credit: Sealskinz.