Don’t Leave Home Without… Thermals

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thermalsFor our cooler climate rides, good quality wool blend thermals should be right at the top of your packing list! There’s nothing worse than that feeling of not being able to warm up,  and that’s why I LOVE my Icebreaker thermals – they have never let me down!

The trick to riding in cold or unpredictable weather is to dress in layers. That way when the mercury begins to rise you can start peeling some off, and when it begins sinking again you can quickly slip everything back on. Thermals make the perfect base layer and they can be worn underneath everything!

The Icebreaker thermals are perfect for all weather climates. Why? Because they are made from the natural fibres of merino wool of course! Over millions of years this ancient breed of sheep evolved and developed a superfine, highly breathable fleece to protect them from freezing winters and scorching summer temperatures. So unsurprisingly, when wearing a product made from these natural fibres your body temperature will be controlled to keep you warm on those frosty mornings, and cooler when the sun decides to show itself. The merino fibres are also breathable, so you won’t get clammy and overheat as you are trotting along.

The long sleeves offer added protection from the sun and scratches from bushes as you canter on past. And did I mention there are thumbholes which means you don’t have to worry about your sleeve slowly creeping up your arm and leaving your wrist exposed to the elements? A win win situation if you ask me!