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Feedback on the Chilko Lake Ride, BC

Chilko Lake Ride, BC Canada

British Columbia, Canada - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Kyrsten Olson was one of the first globetrotters to experience our horse riding holiday in British Columbia, Canada post-covid and her feedback made us want to jump on the next flight to Canada! Check it out below.

Were there any stand-out experiences (good or bad) with the accommodation that you would like to mention?
Karen and her entire team were absolutely smashing. I got to stay in the most gorgeous lodge, with a million dollar view, my own en suite bathroom and a huge king bed!

Were there any stand-out experiences (good or bad) with the meals that you would like to mention?
The food was ridiculously good. Gary cooked up meals that I will dream about for years to come! Every detail was exquisite!

Which horse(s) did you ride? And would you mind elaborating as to why you were happy/unhappy with them?
I rode a plucky mare named Koda, who didn’t step a foot wrong on some challenging terrain. She was an absolute doll, a Norwegian Fjord who had the perfect amount of sass and sweet!

In respect to your guides, please elaborate as to their level of service, knowledge of the environment and hospitality.
We got to be guided by Karen herself! She hasn’t guided horse trips in over five years, so it was a special treat to hear from her about the history of the different spots we visited. There was only one other rider, so we were in heaven with the staff being able to accommodate our needs, paces, and interests. An absolutely smashing time!

Did you have a favourite day or experience while on your Globetrotting holiday?
We had quite an adventure getting to the top of the mountain. I live in a relatively flat area, so these mountains were quite daunting! We scrabbled to the top, and just when I thought I was going to get a triumphant mountaintop picture, the weather had a different plan! We had to beat it off the top of the mountain because of wind and snow, but I have a wonderful photo [above] of us in full retreat, leading my sweet mare down from our top-of-the-mountain adventure. It was an absolute blast (literally, with that wind!), and a fun story!

British Columbia, Canada - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

In terms of value-for-money, how would you rate this particular ride?

Are there any other services or inclusions you would like to see added to this itinerary?
Everything was exquisite.

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I was describing this trip once I got home as feeling like I was on a family vacation, but better, since my family doesn’t have a five star chef, or provide maid service! Karen and her team have created something truly special, with an incredible herd of horses (although surely some of them are part mountain goat, they are so surefooted!). The riding was exquisite, the food was unbelievable, the accommodations were smashing, the grizzly viewing was phenomenal. I would give this ride an off-the-charts rating, with my only point deduction being that I had to leave. It blew me away, every moment. Run don’t walk to this ride, folks!

British Columbia, Canada - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

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