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Feedback on the Tassie Tiger Trail

When Tiffany Gale set out on her Globetrotting adventure to Tasmania (sadly no longer available), little did she know it would eventually lead to her start her own Globetrotting holiday in New South Wales, The Shoalhaven Ride! Have a read of what she had to say about her first epic Globetrotting experience in her feedback form below.

Were there any stand-out experiences (good or bad) with the accommodation and meals that you would like to mention?
Hehe yes (and I’m giggling because it was a funny part of our stay). The food was outstanding; I had the best Jungle Curry I’ve ever had. It was restaurant quality. This compliment reached the local pub as Randall (who cooked the curry) was so chuffed with himself the locals had to hear about it. It was almost as if once Randall heard the compliment he said ‘right I’m off the to pub’.
The breakfast mushrooms and bircher muesli with fresh fruit were a highlight – again, up there with the best I’ve ever had.
The accommodation was very comfortable and clean with bottled water and chocolates as delightful extras.

Were you happy with the horse/s that you rode?
Extremely happy with my Colty Boy. He was very attentive, forward and willing. He is well trained with a sure foot and has an exceptional temperament. He is a great listener yet still had spunk, which reminded me of my boy when I was younger. He is a gorgeous looking boy as well with a mad trot. I can’t count the number of profile pics I took of him. He is a well-loved, healthy and educated young boy which warmed my heart to see. Well done to Jeremy and Jenny.

Did you have a favourite day or experience while on your Globetrotting holiday?
There were three highlights for me:
Mountain Ride – The scenery was amazing and changed so much as we climbed the mountain and the views from the top were breathtaking. The gradient was reasonably steep and the horses took it easily in their stride. The horses were so sure-footed and confident which made for a safe and fun ride. We saw a baby echidna, navigated under fallen trees and over mud slides. There seemed to be something exciting around every nook.
Beach Ride – The views of the pristine, untouched beach were stunning and an eye opener (we saw a real live trouser snake at the nudist end lol). It was great to open up the horses and canter along the beach in formation. It was a lot of fun. We saw kangaroos and a wombat at dusk and a beautiful sunset as we drove back to our accommodation.
However, my most favourite experience was the obstacle course at the beginning of Day 1 & 2. We all performed ground work and learnt the best ways to gain control of the horse and asked them to do certain obstacles under our instruction. As I haven’t owned a horse for over 15 years and my most memorable moments were the trust and knowing we both had of one another; it was great to gain confidence with The Colt 45 straight away. This really set me up for a connection with Colty and therefore relaxing and thrilling rides. I think it was through this work where I fell in love with Colty; he was such a good boy for me.

In respect to your guides, were you happy with their level of service, knowledge of the environment and hospitality?
Jeremy & Jenny’s energy, natural generosity and country hospitality was superb. The hidden extras such as coffees, fresh raspberries and cold beers after a big ride were such a treat. I learnt a lot about the grasses in the area, local knowledge and horse psychology (I had a lot of questions); this information was always offered in a friendly and enthusiastic manner. I ended up feeling like I was out for a ride with friends by the end of the trip.

In terms of value-for-money, how would you rate this particular ride?
The Tassie Tiger Trail was actually worth more than what I paid! From the extra ground work training and general horse knowledge to coffees and raspberries on the road to a nice cold beer/cider after every ride; these inclusions were well above my expectations. This is all topped off with a USB stick of 350 photos to take home!

Do you have any further comments or suggestions?
I would love to thank Jeremy and Jenny for such a well put together Tassie experience upon some of the loveliest Arabians a girl could ask for. Their welcoming hospitality, generosity, local area and horse knowledge and warm smiles made all the difference.
Thank you too, Kate, for thinking of everything before I did. I don’t think I had one question as all the information was in my inbox just before I needed it. The amount and relevance of information was spot on.
Between the two, I cannot fault my experience. Truly the best riding holiday I’ve had the pleasure of attending, in fact it could be my best holiday ever!

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The Tassie Tiger Trail riding holiday is where you fall in love with the horses, gain trust quickly, see stunning untouched Australian scenery and looked after the moment you arrive. Within 20 minutes, I said “I don’t want this to end” as I already knew it would be a trip of a lifetime. Hosts Jeremy and Jenny have done a sterling job with their world-class horses who are impeccably trained, have beautiful temperaments and are up for anything! Oh and the food and hospitality are world-class too. Highly recommended in every way.

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