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Globetrotting Guest Horse: Abraço

The Costa Azul Ride, Portugal , Alentejo Coast, Portugal , Kingdom of the Lusitano, Portugal

Globetrotting Guest Horse: Abraço - horse riding holidays in Portugal - Globetrotting

If you’ve nabbed a spot on one of our horse riding holidays in Portugal – Costa Azul, Alentejo Coast or Kingdom of the Lusitano – you’ll no doubt meet, and maybe even ride, the noble Z-Abraço. Keep reading to find out why his name starts with a Z, and why he’s a firm favourite of guides and globetrotters alike!

Horse’s name: Z-Abraço (Abraço to his friends!)

Breed: Lusitano.

Height: 16.3 hands high (170cm).

Mare or gelding: Gelding.

When and how did you find Abraço?
We found him through a friend when he was three years old. We brought him home, started him under saddle and by the age of four he was already leading rides with me. A dream horse: Abraço is brave, honest and always willing to work. And he flies!

How does he fit in with your herd?
When he’s out on the field with the other horses he’s not the boss, but he’s also not at the bottom of the hierarchy. We always see him close to the other horses, but he lets them be.

What do your riding guests most love about Abraço?

As a guide, what do you most love about him?
The fact that he’s always willing, and never mean. He’s really soft to ride.

What are some of his idiosyncrasies/quirks?
He doesn’t have any, he’s perfect.

Is there a stand-out story, or anything else we should know about Abraço?
The ‘Z’ at the start of his name refers to the year he was born. All Lusitano horses born in the same year as him have a name that starts with Z. Of course, we just call him Abraço, which is the Portuguese word for ‘hug’. It fits him well, because even though he is really tall, he is a very sweet and gentle horse.

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