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Globetrotting Guest Horse: Batman

Bahia Beach Ride, Brazil , Canyons & Waterfalls, Brazil , Pantanal, Brazil

Feel like driving, or should I say riding, your very own Batmobile? Well you can on our Bahia Beach Ride in Brazil if you’re lucky enough to be given the beautiful Batman to ride! Batman is a superstar guest horse who is jet black in colour and as tough as old nails – a very appropriate name, don’t you think? Keep reading to find out more!

Name of horse: Batman

Breed: Polo pony

Height: 1.55m

Gelding or Mare: Gelding

How did you find the horse?

I bought Batman from a Polo breeder/player. He had decided Batman was no longer good enough for the competitions – our gain!

How long has the horse been in your herd?

8 years

What do riding guests most love about this horse?

To be honest, everything!

What do you as guides most love about this horse?

He can be gentle and calm with a 65 years old lady and is forward going with a client looking for more action.

Anything else we should know about the horse’s story?

We gave him the name Batman because he is jet black in colour. Clients think it’s very appropriate.

If you are keen to saddle Batman up and take him for a cruise along a picturesque beach, you will find him on our Bahia Beach Ride in Brazil!

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