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Globetrotting Guest Horse: Covo

The Sumba Ride, Indonesia

Covo is a little pocket rocket Sandalwood pony on our world exclusive Sumba Ride on the Indonesian island of the same name. With a fantastic personality (there’s some tongue-poking involved) and an intriguing political backstory, it’s easy to see why guests at Nihiwatu resort fall in love with this gorgeous little gelding.

Name of horse: Covo

Breed: Sumba Sandalwood crossbreed

Height: 14.1 h

Gelding or mare: Gelding

How did you find the horse?
Covo was a bit of a political pawn – it was recommended I buy the local Bupati’s (like a town mayor) racehorse to maintain good relations between Nihiwatu and local government.

How long has the horse been in your herd?
 Three years (as of 2017).

What do riding guests most love about this horse?
He is an athletically and aesthetically well put-together horse. Our more experienced riders fall in love his agility and responsiveness to get up and go.

What do you as a guide most love about this horse?
Although only a small compact galloway, he is a very comfortable ride at all gaits. He is hardy, willing and has great stamina.

Mention some of the horse’s idiosyncrasies:
When Covo is presented with things that don’t please him – being challenged in play by other alpha male horses or getting saddled and the girth tightened – he will curl and hang his tongue out to one side of his mouth.

If you are keen to take pocket rocket Covo for a spin, make sure you check out The Sumba Ride (trust us, this ride should be on your bucket list).
You can also learn more about our guide in Sumba, Carol, here.

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