Globetrotting Guest Horse: Freddie Bear - Horse Riding Holidays and Safaris

Globetrotting Guest Horse: Freddie Bear

The Shoalhaven Ride, Australia

Globetrotting Guest Horse: Freddie Bear - The Shoalhaven Ride, New South Wales, Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

If you’re lucky enough to visit the gorgeous South Coast of New South Wales, Australia for The Shoalhaven Ride, you have a one-in-four chance of riding the exceptionally handsome and charismatic Freddie Bear! Loved by all who meet him, Freddie tries not to let the adoration (or the wine!) go to his head.

Horse’s Name: Freddie Bear (paddock name), Hallimas Allegro (registered name), AKA Bear, Fredlicious, Freddie Mercury, Supermodel, Grizzly Bear.

Breed: Arabian

Height: 15.1 hands high

Mare or gelding: Gelding

When and how did you find Freddie Bear?
We found Freddie Bear in June 2019. Freddie Bear was absolutely loved by this previous owner, but she had the chance to move to New Zealand. She did consider taking him with her, but alas, she kindly sold him to us.

How does he fit in with your herd?
Freddie Bear absolutely loves people – he’s like a puppy dog – but isn’t a huge fan of other horses (Hence, Grizzly Bear). You’ll find Freddie in the middle of the herd on trail.

What do ride guests most love about Freddie Bear?
Freddie Bear has a very endearing, cheeky character; he wears his heart on his sleeve. He is the supermodel of the team and is so good looking. Our guests love Freddie Bear’s rocking horse canter and calm, confident personality.

As guides, what do you most love about Freddie Bear?
Freddie Bear is a super easy, calm and beautiful horse. He would follow me around all day if I let him. He is super photogenic, so he makes any photo look amazing.

What are some of his idiosyncrasies?
His Arabian hair flick – well, it’s more like a head roll; just so you don’t forget how good looking he is!

Is there a stand-out story, or anything else we should know about him?
Have you ever met a horse with freckles on his muzzle? Well Freddie Bear has the cutest, most adorable freckles, which make him very unique.

Ready for a horse riding holiday with Freddie Bear? Check out The Shoalhaven Ride here.

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