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Globetrotting Guest Horse: Mashushu

The Okavango Delta Ride, Botswana

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With a name describing a traditional fishing spear that the people of Botswana use to hunt fish in the shallow flood plains, Mashushu was destined to be a water baby. Homebred and born in the Okavango Delta, Mashushu is incredibly comfortable in his environment, and one of the favourite guest horses on our Okavango Delta safari.

Name of horse: Mashushu

Breed: Anglo Arab cross American Saddlebred

Height: 16hh

Gelding or mare: Gelding

How long has he been in your herd? 15 years

How did you find Mashushu?
Mashushu was homebred, born at Guma Lagoon in the Okavango Delta. He was delivered by a friend of ours who will never forget her role as midwife while we were on holiday!

What do riding guests most love about Mashushu?
He has been described as “floating on an egret’s feather” – his paces are so smooth and his lovely round back makes for super comfortable bareback swims.

What do you as guides most love about him?
Always loved by guests, Mashushu is bold and happy to go anywhere, whether it’s a few nights away from base camp or a short evening ride. He has a good nose for trouble and would not take a rider into a dangerous situation. He is a fabulous swimmer and loves to launch himself into deep water, smoothly bringing his rider across a river with his powerful stride. He is totally at home here, very relaxed with wildlife and has the best temperament.

Mention some of Mashushu’s idiosyncrasies.
Mashushu is part of our homebred gang, or Botswana Homebreds – born in the Delta, they think they are on top of the animal kingdom here and we have on occasion watched them chase a herd of elephant out of the grazing area! The situation changes swiftly if the elephant decide to give as good as they get!


Anything else we should know about Mashushu?
Mashushu’s biggest fan comes once a year and will not ride another horse. If Mashushu needs a day off then Guido takes a day off. He has such a good partnership with this horse that he claims not to need a bridle – but as we are in a big game area we have not put this to the test yet!

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