Globetrotting Guest Horse: Nick

Yarra Valley Ride, Australia

Guest Horse: Nick - Yarra Valley Ride, Victoria, Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidaysThere’s something about a vibrant chestnut horse that sets our Globetrotting hearts aflutter, and this gorgeous gelding is no exception. Owned by Clancy Lewis, host and guide of the Yarra Valley Ride, Nick is a friendly guy who has a way with the ladies. He may be the smallest in the herd, but he gives the big horses a run for their money!

Horse’s Name: Nick

Breed: Australian Riding Pony x Quarter Horse

Height: 14.2 hands high

Mare or gelding: Gelding

When and how did you find Nick?
I’ve had him for at least four years now. Even though I’ve been in the game for 30-odd years on and off, I’ve never been to the Victorian horse auctions. Almost all of my horses over the years have been bought in the Yarra Valley, including Nick. He’s 14 now and he did a lot of pony club and things before I got him – he’s too good to be in my herd, really!

How does he fit in with your herd?
He’s somewhere in the middle of the pecking order.

What do ride guests most love about Nick?
Nick tends to be matched with women who still do a bit of riding now, but did a lot more when they were younger. They all say, ‘Gee, he’s just like a horse I had when I was a teenager!’
He might be a new horse to each new rider, but in a very short time frame they understand his personality and start to relax and enjoy themselves.

As guides, what do you most love about him?
He’s one of those little guys who will go all day. He’s quite obedient but he’s also quite responsive, so he’s great for intermediate to advanced riders. I think he’s too good to be here! Every time I get him out of the yards ready for work, I say to him, ‘You should be eventing or something, not being wasted on trail riding!’

What are some of Nick’s idiosyncrasies? I’m very lucky that all my horses run up to greet me – I can catch any of them individually in the paddock; but Nick’s always one of the first to run up to me.

Is there anything else we should know about Nick?
He’s a very friendly horse who loves food and he’s got a beautiful rich chestnut mane and tail.

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