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Globetrotting Guest Horse: Noss

The Kimberley Ride, Australia

I must say I LOVE a horse that has a cheeky personality, and Noss does not disappoint. He’s a station bred Kimberley Quarter Horse found on our (yep you guessed it) Kimberley Ride, and he’s a character to say the least. Have a read about this fun-loving clown!

Name of horse: Noss

Breed: Station bred Kimberley Quarter Horse

Age: 12 years old

Gelding or mare: Gelding

How did you find the horse?

Noss came to us from the family that ran the cattle on El Questro Station. Originally he and three of his mates (who are also with us on the station) were used to teach young Indigenous Australians how to be stockmen. Now Noss has the privilege of taking people from all corners of the world around the magnificent El Questro Station.

How long has the horse been in your herd?

We have owned Noss for 5 seasons here at El Questro Station.

What do riding guests most love about this horse?

For those who have been luck enough to ride Noss, they enjoy his spirit and character he brings to our mob…he never takes life too seriously!

What do you as guides most love about this horse?

He has a unique and colourful personality, but he gets the job done when asked.

Mention some of the horse’s idiosyncrasies. 

Noss is the fun-loving paddock clown who always seems to be pulling someone’s fly veil off or attempting to play stick games with one of his paddock mates.

Think Noss is the sort of horse you’d love to ride? Make sure you join us on our Kimberley Ride to meet him and his paddock mates, all of whom are SUPER talented and awesome to ride.

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