Globetrotting Guest Horse: Ruby Running Bare

The Grape Horse Adventure, Barossa Valley, Australia , Tassie Tiger Trail, Australia

This beautiful mare, Ruby Running Bare, seriously needs her own Facebook fan page with the amount of love notes she receives from our globetrotters who have had the privilege to ride her on the Tassie Tiger Trail and The Grape Horse Adventure.

Name of horse: Ruby Running Bare (pictured above with her owner, Jeremy Ford).

Breed: Arabian cross.

Height: 15.1 hands high.

Gelding or mare: A mighty mare.

How did you find Ruby? We bred her ourselves.

How long has she been in your herd?
Her whole life, which is probably why she is the boss mare of the farm.

What are some of Ruby’s idiosyncrasies?
Ruby stops for her poops. She stops for her poops even if she is the front runner of an endurance ride, or last on the Tassie Tiger Trail.

Is there a stand-out story, or anything else we should know about Ruby?
Ruby Running Bare is known as the big black limousine. This Arabian cross mare is reliable and honest and also one of Tasmania’s top endurance horses. She holds the top rung of the ladder for distance horse and highest points.
She finished 5th heavyweight in the famous Tom Quilty 100-mile endurance ride. She has a tack shed full of trophies and rugs. She is conditioned and trained to ride barefoot and bitless. She is a mascot for Wild About Hooves, Jen and Jeremy’s hoof care and education business. She is the boss lady of the Gem Farm. A Queen. She suits everyone from beginner to advanced riders and she should have a fan page on social media, as guests love her to bits.

Photo courtesy of Mengha’s Back Paddock.

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