Globetrotting's Best Horsemanship Rides - Horse Riding Holidays and Safaris

Globetrotting’s Best Horsemanship Rides

Twin Coast Adventure, New Zealand , Dressage in Spain , Touch of the Highlands Ride, Iceland , Wilderness Expedition, Iceland , The River Valley Ride, New Zealand , Cross Country in Tipperary, Ireland ... , Twin Coast Adventure, New Zealand , Dressage in Spain , Touch of the Highlands Ride, Iceland , Wilderness Expedition, Iceland , The River Valley Ride, New Zealand , Cross Country in Tipperary, Ireland

Globetrotting's Best Horsemanship Rides - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

There’s nothing in this life as spiritually uplifting as the connection between horse and rider, globetrotters – I believe this wholeheartedly. This beautiful quote sums it up best:

“At its finest, rider and horse are joined not by tack, but by trust. Each is totally reliant upon the other.
Each is the selfless guardian of the other’s very well-being.”

If you’re looking to improve your horsemanship and take your riding to the next level, deepen your understanding of horses, or experience real communication and connection with these wonderful creatures on a level you’ve never even dreamed of, read on to find your perfect Globetrotting ride.

Dressage Ride, Spain
Set in the heartland of Spanish horse culture, this ride in Andalusia is a paradise of incredible horses, pulsing equestrian culture and top-level trainers. There are three itineraries available to ensure that everyone from the happy hacker to the experienced dressage rider has a rewarding, exciting and memorable holiday. You can also choose your ride length, with 6-night, 4-night and 3-night stays available. During your time here, you’ll learn to dance to the rhythm of the revered Andalusian horse, honing your riding aids and position until you and your horse feel completely in-sync: a truly magical moment! On top of the equestrian pleasures, you’ll also get to enjoy life in a traditional ‘white village’ of Andalusia, with its unique culture and fascinating history.

Twin Coast Adventure, New Zealand
This horse riding holiday is perfect for those looking to explore the world of natural horsemanship while discovering one of New Zealand’s most beautiful regions, the Bay of Islands. The ride hosts, Ken and Jane, are two of the top horse clinicians in the country and love nothing more than connecting their guests to both their horses and their patch of coastal paradise. This five day, four night ride offers something new every day, from butter-yellow beaches to wild horse sightings to horsemanship sessions on Ken and Jane’s beautiful farm. It’s a point-to-point ride, but there’s still time to get to know your horse at the start and enjoy some off-the-horse sightseeing at the end.

River Valley Ride, New Zealand
If you’re keen to spend a few more days in the saddle, the River Valley Ride in the heart of New Zealand’s North Island will put a big smile on your face! You’ll spend eight days immersed in the culture and history of this incredible place where nature still makes the rules and Māori traditions are very much alive. The horses are ridden barefoot and bitless, so it’s a great chance to get to grips with the principles of riding with a rope halter. The length of this ride as well as the daily ritual of catching, grooming, feeding and saddling your horse allow you to form a deep bond that you can explore at your own pace, with your guides Nicola and Tommy always on hand to offer advice and support.

Touch of the Highlands Ride & Wilderness Expedition, Iceland
Both of our riding holidays in Iceland offer an unforgettable glimpse of Icelandic horse culture and will deepen your understanding of horses as a species. The pony-sized horses of Iceland are brave, strong, hardy and steadfast beyond belief. They are also incredibly comfortable to ride thanks to their fifth gait, the tölt. Whether you choose the back-to-nature, utterly authentic Wilderness Expedition or the Touch of the Highlands Ride, which is just as jaw-dropping but offers a few more creature comforts, we guarantee you’ll come back lost for words. The herd of around 70 free-running horses you’ll ride alongside, the spirit of the Icelandic people and the stark, wild, ever-changing natural beauty of Iceland defy description.

Cross Country in Tipperary, Ireland
Does a week-long holiday in the beating heart of Irish equestrian culture, County Tipperary, sound right up your alley? This exclusive ride combines top quality, schoolmaster Irish Sport Horses, world class coaching and a bowling green-esque cross country course to create what we genuinely believe is the BEST cross country holiday in the world. Coaches Mark Molloy and Noel Quinn have over two decades’ coaching experience and take the time to get to know each rider as an individual, tailoring the ride to their needs and interests. Off the horse, you’ll be spoilt with luxury accommodation in a Georgian manor, legendary country hospitality and the best of Irish culture and history.

So there you have it: our eight best rides for globetrotters who want to not only enjoy the horse riding holiday of a lifetime but improve their horsemanship along the way.

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