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Meet a Globetrotter: Brenda Morgan

Howqua River Ride, Australia

I would like to introduce you to Brenda Morgan, an experienced globetrotter who has joined us on a number of rides in Australia, including the Howqua River Ride and the Tassie Tiger Trail (sadly no longer available). We caught up with Brenda to find out more about her life and the role horses play in it.

This is her story in her own words…

I began riding very young at about 3 or 4 years of age at my local riding school then in Jandakot. The owner, Dick Avery, was a course clerk at the races during the week and to teach kids to ride he would mount us on either grey ‘Rusty’ or dun ‘Boy’, both small ponies, and lead us off his 16hh clerk horse, Mercury.

We then ventured out with the rest of the ride through the Pines and as we gained confidence he would call up down up down to teach us to trot. I absolutely loved it from the start. I know I drove my Mum so crazy on Saturdays with my continuous “What time is it? Can we go riding now?”

As I graduated to larger horses I became more addicted and with friends from school, starting showing and competing with my own horses.

When I began my Nursing training horses took a back seat for a few years but in 1981 I missed horses too much and bought an Arabian filly, Angelique. She really taught me the value of the horse and rider connection. Family time pressures 14 years later forced me to sell her but fortunately it was only down the road and to a very good friend who loved her like I did and had her until her death a few years ago.

brenda-morganI now own four horses: three pure bred Arabians and one Thoroughbred mare. Although I have always had a passion for Arabians with their strong people connection and beauty, my beautiful thoroughbred mare, Lilly, has a special place in my heart. She was the horse who carried me safely to Adult Riding Club and kept me on board after a hip replacement. I love that she is so quiet but still has lots of spirit and can sometimes be a bit full of herself, but usually anything above a trot is an effort. No wonder she didn’t make it in racing!

I have travelled extensively overseas and have ridden Arabians along the Red Sea Coast in Egypt and galloped along the beach in Wales and through forests in Sussex, but I wanted to do more in Australia. So my first Globetrotting ride in Australia was Tasmania, chosen because of the Arabian-bred horses provided and my interest in the barefoot and bitless horsemanship methods. I am a happy lone traveller as my husband doesn’t ride (yet), and with everything organised by Globetrotting it was safe and easy. I could not have been happier or better looked after by my hosts, Jenny and Jeremy. The horses were surefooted and so well trained. My moment of heartfelt gratitude that these wonderful animals are in my life came when Colty carried me so willingly up a mountain and then it snowed – magical!

It was so good I am going back again this year and taking a girlfriend – can’t wait to see her face and hope to get her addicted to Globetrotting too. We are on countdown and keep sending daily updates to each other. I just want to share the people, the horses and beautiful Tasmania!

My second ride was to the stunning Snowy Mountains with Michael Watson and his team. Michael is a true Mountain horseman born and bred in the district, knows all his string individually and to see him out in the paddock in the evenings checking each and everyone of them and their obvious love for him bought a tear to my eye. The Snowys are a must do for all lovers of horses and stunning scenery with more river crossings than I have ever done in my life. Again I travelled alone but met the best people on this ride from all over Australia and the US. It was full of laughter and fun with the odd amazing gallop added in!

Next year I hope to do the ride in New Zealand and maybe a longer ride again in the Snowys with Michael. Also on the list is Wyoming and Canada. Then Mongolia, Argentina… the list goes on!

Thank you Kate for your wonderful company – Globetrotting is perfect for me.

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