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Meet a Globetrotter: Fanny Michaud


Just recently we had the pleasure of meeting Fanny Michaud, who joined us on our globetrotting adventure through Tasmania – The Tassie Tiger Trail [edit: sadly no longer available]. We shared some yarns over wine, cheese and chocolate-coated raspberries (yum!) and I wanted to give you the chance to meet her as well! Fanny will knock your socks off with her intelligent comments and wonderful insight into her experiences. Have a read…

What is your day job?
Managing Director for a digital acquisition agency in Sydney.

How have horses influenced or changed your life?
Horses make me feel alive and complete. They ground me, connect me back to my inner-self and make my heart laugh. They are part of my life.

What is your earliest memory of horses?
I’m about three years old, walking with my parents in the countryside near where we lived, and I see those ponies in a paddock. I remember touching their soft skin on the nostrils, and laughing tremendously as they stuck their tongue out to reach my small hand! I then wanted to go back and give them carrots every day after!! (Poor parents.)

What was your childhood pony called?
‘Kangourou’ which is literally ‘Kangaroo’ in French! He was not my own pony, but my favourite at the riding school. Was that a sign already pointing me to Australia?!

What does riding or being with horses mean to you?
Riding is like touching the true meaning of life, feeling free and in harmony with a smart, sensitive companion who will make you travel on so many levels. Not only on the trail their hooves hit, but on other dimensions too as your mind drifts away and your heart feels like joyfully dancing! In a word, (or two): pure bliss.

What have horses taught you the most?
So many things, but definitely strong values. Compassion, love, respect, trust, consciousness and self-confidence. Laughing at yourself, too! “Horses are a true mirror to your soul” (Buck Brannaman), of how you treat yourself, and thus the rest of the world. They read you, and tell you more about yourself than you might know. I see them as insightful, genuine and forgiving teachers. And they have so much to give you back.


What was your first Globetrotting ride?
The Tassie Tiger Trail, with the wonderful and inspiring Jen and Jeremy. I was lucky to enjoy this ride with Kate, too. We had so much fun – and chocolate coated raspberries!!

What made you take the plunge and sign up for a Globetrotting holiday?
It happened so quickly and naturally. I’ve had it in mind to live this experience for a long time. As I browsed through the Globetrotting rides, I saw Tasmania and read with interest how Jen and Jeremy breed and train their horses bitless and barefoot: my heart clicked. Tasmania is both a gem of nature and heaven for food and wine lovers. I couldn’t wait to be there!

Was this ride celebrating or marking a significant moment/milestone/achievement in your life? And if so, would you mind sharing?
I recently turned 30 years old, ahah, a milestone! I thought this would be a perfect and meaningful gift to give to myself. Back to what I love in life: horses, nature… and wine and cheese.

What other Globetrotting rides are you wanting to complete?
I am aiming to do as many as I can. Definitely all the Aussie ones, and surely Europe, too.

What is your most memorable Globetrotting moment?
How can I pick just one? Maybe when we were cantering through the bush, on a narrow path, branches increasingly flying past us. I had to bury my head into Drake’s white mane, closing my eyes, trusting him 200% and feeling absolutely one with him. I could only see white hair, feel him breathing and hear his hooves hammering the trail – the perfect example of when your best buddy horse has your back!

Why choose this type of travel? As in exploring a new place from the back of a horse?
To see a new location from a genuine and local perspective. Horses will take you to unique places, and you will be guided by amazing people who have grown up locally and can share plenty of stories and insights. What can possibly beat that?

What is your favourite safari horse of all time and why?
Drakey Boy. The first one I partnered with for a long ride, he needs to feel he can break free anytime… just like me 😉

A tip that every globetrotter should know before going on a ride…
Open your heart and your eyes wide, this will be like a roooollercoooooaster!

Finish this sentence – Don’t leave home without….
Your cowgirl hat! When can you possibly wear it otherwise?

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