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Meet a Globetrotter: Laura White

Howqua River Ride, Australia , The Patagonia Trail, Argentina

On the second day of her first ever Globetrotting adventure, the Tassie Tiger Trail [edit: sadly no longer available], Laura White discovered something: her eyes had been opened wide to the incredible world of travel on horseback. And the story gets better: that same day, she jumped onto our website again and booked herself on her SECOND Globetrotting adventure! Addicted much? Yep, we think so too, and we couldn’t be happier for her. We simply HAD to find out more…

What is your day job?
I am a paediatric speech pathologist currently studying a Masters of Audiology.

How have horses influenced or changed your life?
I believe that being around horses from a young age taught me valuable skills such as discipline, persistence, patience, trust and team work (to name a few!). These characteristics have carried over to all aspects of my life, particularly study and work. The relationship you build with a horse is like no other and I am so fortunate that I was exposed to horses from a young age.

What is your earliest memory of horses?
I used to visit a friend’s house when I was little and her next-door neighbour had two ponies in her back yard. I was always itching to go to her house to feed and pat them. I think this may have been the catalyst for incessantly begging my parents to take me to riding school!

What was your childhood pony called?
Jellybean! Although she was more of a 15.3hh, fresh off the track Thoroughbred than a pony! She was wild but beautiful and taught me so much.

What does riding or being with horses mean to you?
Although I had a long hiatus from riding before this trip, I have still been involved in some way with my mother and her horse over the years.
My mother became involved in horses with me when I started competing (which of course involved giving up many a weekend to float us around and support us). She fell in love with horses during this time and actually began to learn how to ride herself when I stopped riding competitively and has been riding like a pro ever since. So being with horses represents a special bond between us. Which is why it was so amazing to reignite my love of riding on this trip with my mum! It is only as an adult that I have fully come to appreciate the sacrifices made by my parents to appease their horse-mad daughter.
The relationship you form with such an amazing animal is also incomparable and unique.

What have horses taught you the most?
To expect the unexpected, to always be prepared for anything and to go with the flow! But on the flip side, horses also teach you the value of trust and respect. If you develop these foundations with a horse I think this forms a wonderful horse and rider relationship.

What was your first Globetrotting ride?
The Tassie Tiger Trail in January 2017.

What made you take the plunge and sign up for a Globetrotting holiday?
My mum has been on several Globetrotting holidays that she has always ranted and raved about and I have always been so jealous of her recounts. She had been eyeing off the Tassie Tiger Trail for some time and offered to take me along. I jumped at the chance and the rest is history!

Which Globetrotting rides have you since completed/planned/dreamed about?
On about the second day of the ride and high on life, Mum and I jumped onto the Globetrotting website and booked our next trip – The Howqua River Ride in November 2017! It’s definitely addictive! I would love to go on all of them, especially the Patagonia Trail.

What is your most memorable Globetrotting moment?
Hands down the best moment was riding on eight kilometres of Tasmanian national park beach. Letting my beautiful horse Moo give it all she’s got on sand as far as the eye could see was exhilarating. The best thing I have done in as long as I can remember!

Why choose this type of travel, as in exploring new places from the back of a horse?
Because the back of a horse is the best mode of transport! Experiencing a new place from this viewpoint is unbeatable. I think it also appeals to horse lovers because they are often also outdoorsy, adventurous people who like to experience new things. It was also a great way to meet people from different walks of life whilst experiencing all that gorgeous Tasmania has to offer (food and wine especially)!

A tip that every globetrotter should know before going on a ride…
If you haven’t ridden in a while like myself… prepare for a sore bum! But mainly, prepare to have the time of your life.

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