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Meet a Globetrotter: Sue Leitner

The Patagonia Trail, Argentina , Glenorchy Back Country Ride, New Zealand

From the sound of Sue’s first experience with horses – an extremely naughty little Shetland pony – it’s amazing that they became a huge part of her life. Now she is combining her love for riding with her love for travel and has joined our globetrotting tribe by completing her debut horse riding holiday on the Glenorchy Back Country ride. Oh and did I mention she has also signed up for The Patagonia Trail in February next year? Here we find out more…

What is your day job?

I am a Diabetes / Footcare Nurse and an Artist.

How have horses influenced or changed your life?

My family has been involved with horses all my life, my grandfather had me climbing fences onto a horse when I was a small child, and taught me that the right side was the wrong side! My Dad owned and trained racehorses and my daughter has inherited that addiction! My husband says horses keep me broke!

What is your earliest memory of horses?

A horrible little Shetland pony that Dad borrowed for us kids. He was happy for us to sit on him while he stood and ate but turned nasty if you tried to make him move. He kicked Mum in the shins and bit me on the arm.

What was your childhood pony called?

Our next pony was called Danny, a dapple grey gelding who used to run circles around us when we tried to catch him…he taught us kids to swear! Then Dad bought me a 3 year old Palomino Quarter horse gelding called Champ when I was 12.

What does riding or being with horses mean to you?

I think riding horses is my escape hatch. No matter how bad my day has been, if I go for a ride I always feel better. A group of us head to the Kosciusko National Park when we can get away but we always try for a week or so at Christmas to recharge our batteries. About 5 years ago I started Team Penning and Team Sorting.

What have horses taught you the most?

That you get back what you put into them, and that patience and perseverance is the key to success.

What was your first globetrotting ride? 

The Glenorchy Back Country Ride in New Zealand.

What made you take the plunge and sign up for a globetrotting holiday?

My long time friend Lyn has a friend who recently did the Mongolian ride, and she thought we should do a ride with Globetrotting. I said “lets start somewhere a bit closer to home!”

Was this GT ride celebrating or marking a significant moment/milestone/achievement in your life? And if so, would you mind sharing? 

No to all – we were just spoiling ourselves.

What globetrotting rides have you since completed/going to/wanting to complete? 

I have signed up for the Patagonia Trail in February 2018.

What is your most memorable globetrotting moment? 

The magnificent landscape of Glenorchy! If I had to pick, day 3 of the Glenorchy Back Country ride (playday) which involved swimming the horses in the Canyon and climbing Lennock Falls.

Why choose this type of travel? As in exploring a new country from the back of a horse? 

Kills two birds with one stone – travelling and riding horses with like minded people.

Who is your favourite safari horse of all time and why?

Peso on the Glenorchy ride. She was a black Gypsy Cobb X St James – 6 year old mare, very surefooted and safe. She trudged through bogs and over stones, swam, and thought she was a racehorse, though her ambitions didn’t match her abilities.

A tip that every globetrotter should know before going on a ride…

Your butt is going to get sore!

Finish this sentence – Don’t leave home without…

My Performa ride Jodpurs and my Dublin long boots!

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