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Meet our Guide: Rodgers

The Okavango Delta Ride, Botswana

Meet our guide Rogers

Our guide Rodgers has a rock-star following in the world of horse riding guides. Ask any of our Globetrotting guests who have ridden alongside Rodgers in the emerald green wilderness of the Okavango Delta, Botswana, and they’ll describe him as a brave, thoughtful and fun guide.

How long have you been guiding in the Okavango Delta?
I have been working here for 23 years in total and got my guides license in 2006.

And what was the background, history or reason for becoming a guide here?
I have always had a huge interest in wildlife and the Okavango Delta. This probably comes from the fact that my Dad worked here for many years as a guide so I grew up hearing the stories that he told me about guiding.

How old were you when you learnt to ride?
I was 9 when I learnt to ride bareback on donkeys at home.

Who is your favourite guiding horse and why?
Bintang (pictured above) is my favourite horse because he is strong and brave. He lets me concentrate on the game and guiding, I don’t have to worry about him.

What do you love most about your job?
I enjoy meeting different guests from all over the world and seeing them enjoy the Delta.

Why should globetrotters sign up for this ride?
The wildlife in the Delta is amazing. This is a true wilderness, you won’t see other people or vehicles during your stay. It’s a real privilege and adventure to live and work in the Delta.

A tip that every globetrotter must know before signing up for this ride.
Prepare yourself for excitement!

What has been the most memorable or significant moment of your guiding career?
Seeing the rhino reintroduced into the Delta was very special. The first time I saw them in real life was really exciting as I had only ever seen pictures before!

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